Tantra & Massage Tao

Our first physical contact with the outside world is through our skin: experiencing touch in an appropriate and consenting way enables our body to secrete oxytocin, the wonderful hormone associated with love and bonding.

Touch reveals our essence, guiding us from fear toward love, and into intimate spaces that make it possible to reclaim our bodies. It is a source of creativity, pleasure and fulfilment. Through touch we can establish authentic relationships. An embodied touch enables us to just… be.

Learning to touch is essential in finding our freedom. It is about knowing what we want and learning to convey that, about how we give and receive. Never touching others or letting them touch us in a way we don’t want, is a challenge on the road to freedom.

We shall therefore begin this journey by exploring our relationship to our body, our self-esteem, and the way we communicate about what we wish to give and receive. This approach focuses more on attitude than on technique, and we can then go on to express all this in everyday life.

The world treats us the same way that we treat ourselves. Feeling you are missing real love can lead to a whole host of disorders, imbalances and compensation mechanisms.
I deserve love, and deserve to fully embrace my body and my relationship with it through touch.