Vasanti-Véronique Vachet


Vasanti was born in Burgundy, France, and is the mother of three children. She is a certified bodywork psychotherapist in Sexual Grounding Therapy, a Rebirther, practitioner inVégétothérapie Caractéro-Analytique, bodywork therapy created by Wilhelm Reich, and until 2014 led Love and Ecstasy Trainings, under Margot Anand.


For over 20 years now the common thread running through her work has been the energy of life and sexual energy. Not sexual in the fantasy sense, but the biological energy that is the source of our being and allows love to express itself. An exploration both through Tantra, Wilhelm Reich‘s teachings, and Sexual Grounding Therapy that builds bridges between therapy, ancestral rituals and Tantra practice, in a holistic vision embracing the person as a whole, in order to access our most intimate feelings and explore our creative potential in depth.


This is a synthesis that incorporates the complexity of the person in their physical, emotional and spiritual experience, aiming at a better understanding of sexual energy and relationship as part of a whole system.

Vasanti works with people of all generations, all backgrounds, and all cultures, both in individual sessions and through workshops that she creates and leads.

“What I am most keen to do is to bring together the various pathways that make up my life, weaving in all the various tools I’ve collected, and share my passions, so that I can convey to others my fascination with life force and feelings, support each person in expressing their own potential, and embody spirituality in my daily life.

It is a laboratory of consciousness that provides non duel look and welcomes the being as a whole, a research process itself based on experience.

Vasanti allows a transformation path being professional and full of humanity.


“I have derived great inspiration from my travels in India and the Shiva teachings of Babaji, from encountering extraordinary people and truly complementary approaches, and from my life as a woman and mother. I just love life, and feel I am part of the ecosystem of all living things in every shape and form.”





O.S.E. Rebirther Training :1993-1995.

Sexual Grounding International Therapists Training*: 2007-2011.

– Training to be a Trainer in Sexual Grounding Therapy: 2014-2018.

Training in Végetothérapie Caractèro-Analytique (2012-2016), for IRFEN diploma (in final review phase).


– Love and Ecstasy Training, with Margot Anand, then as a Trainer and later Teacher Trainer, until 2014.

Holacracy Practitioner Training (iGi Partners)


* Currently leading trainings under supervision, and finalizing VGA diploma

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The education and qualification of trainers and therapists for giving Sexual Grounding Therapy® in trainings and therapeutic activities.

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