Vasanti-Véronique Vachet

vero 1bisFor over 20 years, her central thread is the vital energy in human and in his relationship. Whether through Tantra, by Wilhelm Reich’s teaching or the Sexual Grounding Therapy. the path she suggests involves bridges between therapeutic work, ancestral rituals and Tantra.

Her principal interest is to converge the different paths invested in her life, connecting all garnered routes, share passions to support each.

It is a laboratory of consciousness that provides non duel look and welcomes the being as a whole, a research process itself based on experience.

Vasanti allows a transformation path being professional and full of humanity.




*The Foundation of Sexual Grounding Therapy® is by statute domiciled in Nijmegen under file number 09112790.

The education and qualification of trainers and therapists for giving Sexual Grounding Therapy® in trainings and therapeutic activities.

  1. The providing of an ethical code for working with SGT.
  2. The protection of the by FSGT trained and qualified trainers and therapists as long as they followed the rules of the ethical code.
  3. The support of scientific investigations and study of SGT.
  4. The supply of supervision possibilities for trainers and therapists.
  5. The support of publications about items connected to SGT.
  6. The support of connections with foreign daughter organizations.
  7. The use of all other legal tools that can support the goal of the foundation.