Dark & Light Eros

Dark & Light Eros

05 au 08 décembre 2019

Sonscious, sacred sexuality is an extraordinary energy gateway that opens up access to other spaces in which to explore one’s self, other people and the Universe. Tantra is a pathway that takes into account human experience as a whole. It is an conscious adventure within the body. Tantric practice is a non-dual path that embraces everything. And yet there is a black box containing a great deal of repressed, confused energy. Taboos and transgression are very popular areas in sex, and depending on the level of ‘disobedience’ involved, they are loaded with guilt and shame.

Where is the boundary between erotic play and perversion? When a trauma is not dealt with, pleasure seeking can turn into deviant behaviour. When sexual and emotional maturity is not present, an addiction sets in, and one can lose touch with reality. It becomes increasingly difficult to remain aware of one’s own limits or boundaries.

Eroticising forbidden things can add the necessary erotic and electric charge to achieve an orgastic discharge. A problem may arise if we feel prisoners of this dynamic, and denying it would imply stifling part of our energy.

The tantric pathway excludes nothing: it breaks down taboos and enables us to get in touch with our belief systems and rigid thinking. By liberating repressed energy we recover a phenomenal amount of energy