Workshop for Parents and Children

capture-decran-2016-09-15-a-18-11-13Workshop for Parents and Children

Parent-child relationships are indestructible, whatever sort of bond we have created. They often bring us up against a relationship torn between love and rejection, where love is mixed up with the form the relationship takes. The shadowy aspects of the relationship restrict our full self-expression. We often find that parents are frustrated at not passing on to their children everything they hoped to, and children find it hard to feel free to love, and to be One’s Self.


Our experience of leading workshops for young adults for over 10 years now has enabled us to hear from their flesh and bones what restricts them in being themselves in the world and in relationship.


Twenty years leading courses and hearing people share about intimacy has enabled us to grasp how hard it is for parents to hand down what they would like to, and to sense how becoming parents changed their relationship as a couple, and their lives as a man or woman, for better and for worse.



This workshop, dear to our own hearts, emerged out of all this first-hand experience and the various approaches it incorporates(Sexual Grounding Therapy, Reichian Therapy, Tantra), in order to give parents and children space to express the beauty of this bond — a source of transmission, vulnerability, love and power. We provide a secure framework  for this in-depth and joyful exploration.









An encounter 

As a parent to

  • Take your responsibilities through being aware of your role.
  • Take your rightful place, to gain in dignity and relax into your future prospects.
  • Support future generations in travelling their path.
  • Feel the support from your ancestors.
  • Share with other parents.


As a child

  • Share and strengthen my self-construction.
  • Unburden myself of whatever weighs me down.
  • Assert my identity.
  • Develop greater maturity in relating.









For any information or registration:

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For who

For fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons who want to consolidate links giving them more density and lightness.

To attend the course you must be minimum 18 years old and come with one of your parents or children (father-daughter, father-son, mother-son, mother-daughter)

Possibility to come with 2 or more children. A telephone interview is required before registration


November 16th

at 11 am

November 18th

at 4 pm


€ 550 / binomial (Parent-child) Excluding accommodation

Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of deposit shipments

Place Bourgogne