Parent-Child internship

capture-decran-2016-09-15-a-18-11-13Parent-Child  internship


Parental relationships are indestructible regardless of the type of connection we have created with our child. With them, we often find ourselves in a dual relationship of love and rejection in which love is mixed with the shape that the relationship takes. The dark areas of this relationship limit us in our expression.

Often found in parents is a frustration of not having passed everything they wanted and also in children having difficulty being free to love and to Being One’s Self.

Over 10 years of internship experience for young adults has allowed us to hear that their bodies are limiting them to from being themselves in the world and in their relationships.

Looking back on 20 years of animation experience and having  shared intimacy with our clientele has allowed us to hear the difficulty that parents have in transmitting what they want and to feel how becoming a parent has transformed their relationship and their life of husband and wife for better or for worse.

From these testimonies and the tools we have created (Grouding Sexual Therapy, Reichian therapy, Tantra) the proposal was born, which is dear to us.

We are here to offer parents and children a place of expression and a link for channeling their source of transmission, vulnerability, love and power. We offer a safe, deep and joyful environment.









A meeting for

As a parent

Take responsibility by being aware of their role

Find the right place to gain dignity and relax in a future perspective

Support future generations to be on their path

Feel the support of ancestors

Share with other parents


As a child

Witness and confirm what has built me

Relieve me of what weighs on me

Affirm my identity

Find a new maturity in the relationship









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For who

For fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons who want to consolidate links giving them more density and lightness.

To attend the course you must be minimum 18 years old and come with one of your parents or children (father-daughter, father-son, mother-son, mother-daughter)

Possibility to come with 2 or more children. A telephone interview is required before registration


November 16th at 11 am

November 18th at 4 pm


€ 550 / binomial (Parent-child) Excluding accommodation (150 €)

If you come with several parents or children contact us for rates

Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of deposit shipments


Le Hameau des Meysonniers

10 minutes from Valence TGV train station and 5 minutes from exit Tain l’Hermitage