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We offer this personal development training course as a progressive series of four cycles. The whole brings together the complexity of each person in their physical, emotional and spiritual reality, leading to a better understanding of sexual energy and relationships as being part of an integral system.

This course constitutes a bridge between Tantra, therapy and ancestral rituals.

One can sign up for any of  these cycles without doing the whole training

This workshop is an invitation to

An invitation to:

– Awaken your potential for bliss and embrace sexuality as a natural life-spring:

– Become more familiar with natural emotional and sexual development

– Learn to free up energy and get it flowing more freely

– Discover your essential identity, and the beauty in complementary energies

– Increase your ability to open your heart, so that apparent contradictions can meet in the centre

– Combine love, sensuality and spirituality

– Celebrate the life force within us, and through the elements

– Honour the body of your own accord, embodying your dignity as a man or a woman.

Who is it for?

  •  Single people and couples of all ages who respect their identity and are willing to develop their ability to love and enjoy the vital, sacred energy of sexuality.
  • Anyone aiming for greater maturity in the way they relate to others and surrender to the flow of life.
  • Anyone keen to support children and future generations coming along.

What is the Approach Used?

  • Experiential exploration of our own emotional and sexual, with some theoretical input and times for sharing, in order to nurture various stages in life that are crucial for us to become mature, fully-functioning persons. Bodywork and energy processes, meditations, ancestral tantric rituals, and so on.
The course is based on an atmosphere of trust and respect for each person’s boundaries and limitations. We encourage participants to take responsibility for themselves and determine what is right to ensure that everyone respects themselves and others.

Cycle 1: The art of Touch      21 – 24 June 2018

 Cycle 2:The art of relating   4 – 7 October 2018

 Cycle 3 : Dark et light Eros  13 au 16 décembre 2018

Cycle 4: The passion being  13-16 March 2019



 The Art of Touch

21 – 24 June 2018

Cycle 1

Valence, south of Lyon

Our first physical contact with the outside world is through our skin: experiencing touch in an appropriate and consenting way enables our body to secrete oxytocin, the wonderful hormone associated with love and bonding.

Touch reveals our essence, guiding us from fear toward love, and into intimate spaces that make it possible to reclaim our bodies. It is a source of creativity, pleasure and fulfilment. Through touch we can establish authentic relationships. An embodied touch enables us to just… be.

Learning to touch is essential in finding our freedom. It is about knowing what we want and learning to convey that, about how we give and receive. Never touching others or letting them touch us in a way we don’t want, is a challenge on the road to freedom.

We shall therefore begin this journey by exploring our relationship to our body, our self-esteem, and the way we communicate about what we wish to give and receive. This approach focuses more on attitude than on technique, and we can then go on to express all this in everyday life.

The world treats us the same way that we treat ourselves. Feeling you are missing real love can lead to a whole host of disorders, imbalances and compensation mechanisms.
I deserve love, and deserve to fully embrace my body and my relationship with it through touch.


The Art of Relating

4 – 7 October 2018

 Cycle 2

A Man-Woman relationship is a powerful matrix that generates many projections in which we can easily get confused, losing sight of our fundamental essence and true quality in relating. Men and women desperately seek to find in someone else what they do not grant themselves. This is an illusion. A relationship shines a powerful spotlight on our selves, which can be infuriating, but it is actually an extraordinary laboratory, an amazing space in which to develop greater maturity and awareness.

Practising Tantra brings couples back into a living, sacred dimension that includes sexuality in the relationship. The personal development approaches at our disposal enable us to decode aspects of relating that leave us puzzled and sometimes lead couples into unconscious sabotage.

Which is why we have decided to devote a module to relating, because — as the French writer Christiane Singer puts it so well, talking about commitment — “This fiery intensity, this clairvoyance may disappear in the blink of an eye, but it is still the only rock on which a whole lifetime is built, and is the only moment of madness we forever cling to, because it alone can reflect love, with all its excesses.”

I, You, and We = I, You, We and They are major stages in a relationship. I am connected with me, I feel You, We are sharing, and We are creating an energy greater than ourselves.

 Dark and light Eros

 13 au 16 décembre 2018

Cycle  3

Sonscious, sacred sexuality is an extraordinary energy gateway that opens up access to other spaces in which to explore one’s self, other people and the Universe. Tantra is a pathway that takes into account human experience as a whole. It is an conscious adventure within the body. Tantric practice is a non-dual path that embraces everything. And yet there is a black box containing a great deal of repressed, confused energy. Taboos and transgression are very popular areas in sex, and depending on the level of ‘disobedience’ involved, they are loaded with guilt and shame.

Where is the boundary between erotic play and perversion? When a trauma is not dealt with, pleasure seeking can turn into deviant behaviour. When sexual and emotional maturity is not present, an addiction sets in, and one can lose touch with reality. It becomes increasingly difficult to remain aware of one’s own limits or boundaries.

Eroticising forbidden things can add the necessary erotic and electric charge to achieve an orgastic discharge. A problem may arise if we feel prisoners of this dynamic, and denying it would imply stifling part of our energy.

The tantric pathway excludes nothing: it breaks down taboos and enables us to get in touch with our belief systems and rigid thinking. By liberating repressed energy we recover a phenomenal amount of energy.


 The passion of being 

13-16 March 2019


 Cycle 4

 The passion of being — of saying YES to who I am, finding the freedom to fully BE, on all levels. Each of our lives is unique: it is up to us to go for it completely and commit ourselves to greater self-awareness on our path to truth. “God is not somewhere else: He flows through all our cells carrying His pulsating, vibrant message of love and wisdom.” Energy vibrates, creating waves that ripple through all areas of our lives. True freedom is simply what IS. Our greatest freedom is feeling, vibrating. Surrendering may sound to the ego like losing or defeat, but it is actually a sign of growth. It is not cultural, but biological. If you change the nature of the energy you change your state of being. In this state there are no demands or expectations: the energy flooding our being acts as a soothing, healing balm for our bodies, opening our hearts, freeing our intuition and awakening our awareness, in a sacred space for communion where time simply dissolves.When the process is ripe, and one is totally committed, transformation just happens – in a subtle, easy, uncomplicated way
  • Bring vibration into your cells, and thus open yourself up to an infinite possibility of movement, experiencing that vibration and surfing on the wave of spontaneous bliss;
  • Embody your dignity as a man or woman at all stages of your life;
  • Experience a form of spirituality that is grounded in everyday life.




450 € for a single module

390 € if you do all 4 modules


400 € as a couple

320 € as a couple

For young adults 290€


  • Venue
  • Le Hameau des Meysonniers,(10 minutes by car from Valence TGV)  and Bourgogne

To register

a preliminary interview is required.