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We offer a personal training through four evolutionary cycles. A summary including the complexity of the person in his physical, psychological and spiritual reality, to gain a better understanding of sexual energy and the relationship part of a whole system.

This curriculum provides a bridge between Tantra, therapeutic work and ancestral rituals.


An invitation to

Awaken your ecstatic potential and integrate sexuality as a source of natural life

  • Provide knowledge of natural psychosexual development

Learning to streamline and circulate the energy.

  • Find the essence of your own identity and beauty of symbiosis

Increase capacity to open the heart so that all that appears to be in contradiction could come together in the center.

Bring together love, sensuality and spirituality.

  • Celebrate life in us and through elements
  • Honor the body as a decision maker and live our own dignity of man and woman.


For who

Bachelors and couples of all ages who respect their identity and who are ready to deepen their capacity to love and to have a living and sacred sexuality.

  • For those wishing to have more maturity in their way of building relationships and following the current of life.
  • To people who wish to support children and new generations.

It is possible to create these cycles regardless of training.


By means of:

Scenarios of our own psychosexual development with theoretical backing and sharesed experiences, to feed different important stages of our life involving emotional and sexual maturity.

Physical exercises, energy, meditation …

  • Ancestral tantric rituals

In a climate of trust, respecting the limits of each person. We support the participants to take responsibility and find what is most appropriate for one’s own self-respect.


Cycle 1: the art of touch

June 22nd to 25th , 2017 – Valence (south France)


Round 2: Enigmas of the relationship.

September 28 to October 1, 2017. Valence


Round 3: Dark and light Eros-

December 7th to 10th, 2017


Round 4: The passion of being-

March 8th to 11th, 2018

Each cycle is scalable, the first 2 cycles are freely available for cycle 3 and 4 you need to contact us



450 € pour un stage seul

390 €si vous faites les 4 cycles

en couple

400 € en couple

320 € en couple

Pour les jeunes adultes   270

Si vous faites les 4 cycles et faites un de nos stages en dehors de ces 4 cycles vous bénéficierez d’un tarif préferentiel ( nous consulter)


 Le Hameau des Meysonniers, dans un hameau de 5 hectares entouré d’arbres fruitiers et de vignes

à 10 mn de la gare Valence TGV et 5 mn de la sortie Tain l’Hermitage

a preliminary interview is required.

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