The Art of Being

The Art of Being 05/04 2020 Kiev

The passion of being — of saying YES to who I am, finding the freedom to fully BE, on all levels. Each of our lives is unique: it is up to us to go for it completely and commit ourselves to greater self-awareness on our path to truth. “God is not somewhere else: He flows through all our cells carrying His pulsating, vibrant message of love and wisdom.” Energy vibrates, creating waves that ripple through all areas of our lives. True freedom is simply what IS. Our greatest freedom is feeling, vibrating. Surrendering may sound to the ego like losing or defeat, but it is actually a sign of growth. It is not cultural, but biological. If you change the nature of the energy you change your state of being. In this state there are no demands or expectations: the energy flooding our being acts as a soothing, healing balm for our bodies, opening our hearts, freeing our intuition and awakening our awareness, in a sacred space for communion where time simply dissolves.When the process is ripe, and one is totally committed, transformation just happens – in a subtle, easy, uncomplicated way
  • Bring vibration into your cells, and thus open yourself up to an infinite possibility of movement, experiencing that vibration and surfing on the wave of spontaneous bliss;
  • Embody your dignity as a man or woman at all stages of your life;
  • Experience a form of spirituality that is grounded in everyday life.