Tantric Women/ Today I rise

Tantric Women 

Today I rise

March 29 to 1 April, 2018

Hameau de l’étoile   (near Montpellier)




Today I rise

A nod to the magnificent film directed by Alexandra Feldner and inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem  “Today I rise”

A course specifically for Women. Unique… initiatory!

The real challenge for women in the 21st century is to claim their power while staying open and welcoming, open to their senses, and intimately connected to both their heart and their womb.

The transformative power of women’s encounter groups is well known. Women when together reveal themselves more fully to each other. There is nothing more beautiful than a vibrant woman, unreservedly connected to her self, and in tune with her paradoxes and her perfect imperfections.


The transformative power of women while dating is no longer a doubt. Together women reveal themselves. There is nothing more beautiful than a vibrant woman, close to herself without reservations in accordance with her own paradoxes and her perfect imperfections.

Our lives as women are a succession of cycles, and there is much we can learn from each other.
Today I rise. I walk boldly, with my paradoxes, I am a woman, wild, serene, mother, child, black, white Kali, an atheist… becoming who I am.

An invitation to open up to being grounded as a woman, responsible for your boundaries, with the support of your own lineage, reconnecting with the deep meaning of your dignity and beauty, honouring men and how they complement us.

In these transition periods it is important to connect to the beauty of women, and together we will learn to surrender to the beauty of the masculine.

In the course of our women’s journey, during certain rituals we will have the opportunity to encounter men taking part in a parallel journey, “Tantric Man”, led by Jacques Lucas 

(Contact jacluc@wanadoo.fr  or call : +33 680 653 529)

During this workshop, we will:


  • Explore different archetypes of women, and meet the wild woman who knows what is right for her
  • Become aware of our creative and magnetic power, whatever our wounds, and feel the pleasure of being a woman
  • Celebrate our bodies
  • Move toward more pleasure, more desire, and love for oneself and others
  • Find peace in the way we relate to the masculine within and without
  • Establish more flow in our connection between heart and pelvis, so that the sacred fire of the heart may spread out and energize us, radiating with joy
  • Become aware of our female cycles and their rich complexity
  • Connect with the sacred space in our womb


An opportunity to explore in depth our senses and feelings, using different modes of expression: touch, movement, sound, breathing, massage, sharing, meditation, rituals, celebration…

The setting: A caring, welcoming, stimulating sisterhood, respectful of the nature of each person,  in a secure, non-judgmental, heart-based context.


March 29 (11am) to April 1, 2018 (16.00)

A route map will be sent to you when you register.

Information and registration:   info@vasanti.fr

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