The Art of Relating

The art of Relating

A Man-Woman relationship is a powerful matrix that generates many projections in which we can easily get confused, losing sight of our fundamental essence and true quality in relating. Men and women desperately seek to find in someone else what they do not grant themselves. This is an illusion. A relationship shines a powerful spotlight on our selves, which can be infuriating, but it is actually an extraordinary laboratory, an amazing space in which to develop greater maturity and awareness.

Practising Tantra brings couples back into a living, sacred dimension that includes sexuality in the relationship. The personal development approaches at our disposal enable us to decode aspects of relating that leave us puzzled and sometimes lead couples into unconscious sabotage.

Which is why we have decided to devote a module to relating, because — as the French writer Christiane Singer puts it so well, talking about commitment — “This fiery intensity, this clairvoyance may disappear in the blink of an eye, but it is still the only rock on which a whole lifetime is built, and is the only moment of madness we forever cling to, because it alone can reflect love, with all its excesses.”

I, You, and We = I, You, We and They are major stages in a relationship. I am connected with me, I feel You, We are sharing, and We are creating an energy greater than ourselves.