Thirties intensive course (4 days)

Thirties intensive course ( 4 days) 28/35 years

 15-18 august 2020- France

In your thirties ?

Caught between the responsibility of adult life and the reeks of teenage life? A lifestyle increasingly asserted, and perhaps a panic toward commitment. A need for passion and sense of responsibility. You feel that you are “the Actor” of tomorrow. Your thirties is a rich period of life for energy and potential paradoxes.

For 4 days we invite you to meet with other people in their thirties to open questions regarding your generation. Engaging in a relationship? Becoming a parent? Finding your place in the world, in your family? Exploreing your sexuality, creativity, areas of talent? These are the themes that we will experience in order to explore the nature of femininity and masculinity, dynamic relationships and to come closer to your way of truth, a journey exploring the being as a whole. The circle that we will create will host the spontaneity of the alchemy of the group and we will leave too carried away by the experience of the moment.

An appointment to the heart of feelings using different modes of expression: contacts, movements, sounds, breathing, role playing, with respect, listening, sharing interspersed with dancing, laughts, creativity, and rites of passage.

15 to 18 august 2020

Price: 360 € / person (excluding pensions)

If you come back for the second time with a new person, the course is free for you and if you return alone, the fare is half

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Spécial Trentenaire

Some feed back received:

“Thanks to these four extraordinary days where I feel as if I have traveled on a path that I took the measure of it I have left to go. I never imagined it was possible to live such intense moments with strangers in such a short time. I never imagined that I will be at this point in pushing my limits, much less that the door to my emotions will re-open as big (which is not easy to manage). I never imagined some of my fears to be so strong, or that I might be able to forget myself as well. I did not imagine the extent to which I had left my body to the wayside for the past 10 years and that it was only trying to express itself (notable fact: my posture has changed, my pelvis now stands differently, which removes many tensions that were causing almost daily headaches).
Finally, and this is most important to me, I did not think I had in me all the resources to grow, to bring me up to being my best self, to live stronger, and quite simply, just to be.
So thank you for all these discoveries, for this incredible knowledge, for this ability to guide, for this kindness to this immense and communicative power.
I decided to meditate every day, breathe, to let life carry me and to embrace life’s suprises.
Thank you again for everything


“Vasanti  what you propose to me is highly structured by the fact of highlighting the specificity of our age group.
This specificity is obvious now that the internship has allowed me to hear and experience the words that were spoken. Putting words into place creates a frame.
I see the following words differently: choice, commitment, family, creation, procreation …
I had not seen that all this is present at the same time for our age group and I was not aware of my relationship with each of these domains in the way that you described it : my body spoke to me, it’s crazy what he it said – things that I did not know beforehand.
this course is a very formative encounter for me. unifying.
a bright beacon. a major landmark in my [night woman standing.] ????
passing by the body and dance oriented through the exercises I have read parts of me that were before ignored, forgotten, misplaced.
I feel collected, more fulfilled, and conscious.
I particularly appreciate the rhythm of the course: the alternation of the place of the body and the place of words being shared, well framed.
The brand is also very empowering in the details.
I overflow with gratitude
Meetings through this framework is very strong for me : it’s like if in a tribe we had just crossed together the whole specific ritual for our age: a kind of “trial by fire” and we were there all together and at the same time alone with the solitude of our own perceptions and history. Thanks to the group led by Vasanti we docked our ship, transformed in our flesh, both feet anchored in itself and on land.
Thank you, thank you, thank you


Hello ! I have the sensation of having a new outlook this weekend. I have found the motivation and courage to really get into a professional project.


Thank you for this beautiful experience of Tantra and for your kindness. This long weekend is has actually passed very fast for me; I really felt in another space-time (I was also very surprised to see how fast the hours passed!).