Young adult group (18-27)


12_15 juillet 2018

Valence south of France

For 14  years now, we have been organising workshops specifically for young adults, and year by year our enthusiasm has grown, with ever-greater trust in the incredible beauty of the generations coming along, with magical and inspiring encounters.
Life as a young adult is both thrilling and terrifying. Back and forth between freedom and restrictions, conforming or rebelling, hyperactive or lethargic moments — what do I want? Our heart is awakening in all ways, and opening up new pathways.
Everything is genuine, and highly sensitive — both our passions and our fears. Is it a crisis period in our values? Our identity? Or our purpose and the meaning of life?
We live in a system going through profound change, and this group experience is a wonderful opportunity to reframe our values, instead of falling into crazed consumerism that no longer has any meaning.
In this workshop we will restore the beauty of this age group and its future prospects to their rightful place.
We will let the reality of Nature sink deep into us, in the magnificent setting of the venue.
We are offering you rich, varied encounters in a context of straightforward, powerful sharing, for everyone to get to know themselves better and truly encounter the opposite sex, and your own polarity. An opportunity to reconnect with the true source of your creativity and life energy.
And to have the courage to dare to dare, while channelling this amazing energy
A bridge between therapy, ancestral rituals and Tantra, through alternating specific structured processes and whatever emerges from the group alchemy.
Using communication exercises, rites of passage, sharing, dance, and so on.
A great human adventure, to attain greater maturity and freedom.


07-10 May 2020


280€ per person (excluding accommodation)
230€ if you come as a couple
If you are returning a second time and bringing a friend, your tuition is free. If you return alone, you pay half-rate.
Depending on your situation work- and income-wise, we are willing to consider requests for a special rate.


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