International Workshops


UKRAINE: 2019-2020

We offer this personal development training course as a progressive series of four cycles. The whole brings together the complexity of each person in their physical, emotional and spiritual reality, leading to a better understanding of sexual energy and relationships as being part of an integral system.




JULY 11-14, 2019
I deserve love.    Module 1


We shall therefore begin this journey by exploring our relationship to our body, our self-esteem, and the way we communicate about what we wish to give and receive. This approach focuses more on attitude than on technique, and we can then go on to express all this in everyday life.



Woman- Man identities and relationship   Module 2

Intimacy in Relationship is a powerful matrix that generates many projections in which we can easily get confused, losing sight of our fundamental essence. but it is actually an extraordinary laboratory, an amazing space to develop greater maturity and awareness. Tantric practices Allow us to be aware,  being fully  present in contact with the experience




JANUARY 9-12, 2020
Dark and light Eros.     Module 3

Tantric practice is a non-dual path that embraces everything. And yet there is a black box containing a great deal of repressed, confused energy. Taboos and transgression are very popular areas in sex, and depending on the level of ‘disobedience’ involved, they are loaded with guilt and shame.



APRIL 2-5, 202

The art of being alive  Module 4

The art of being alive — of saying YES to who I am, finding the freedom to fully BE, on all levels, to go for it completely and commit ourselves to greater self-awareness on our path to truth.



July 5-7.  2019

Sexuality and relation. UKRAINE


Festival Tantra/. October 21-27


An exciting immersion into Tantra under the guidance of  a wide variety of workshops, blissful meditations, yoga, dance sessions, encounters and nights of utterly enjoyable happenings



February 12-16 ( special couple)


Conscious and sacred sexuality is a gate that opens exceptional energy to other meeting spaces with the self, with others, and with the Universe.Tantra is a path that regards the human experience as a whole.The adventure of consciousness in the body.

During these days, we invite you to discover this powerful energy for healing and awareness.