Tao-Tantra Massage

La Chaumiere (71)

An experience to harmoniously circulate life energy. This fluidity brings physical and emotional well-being.

420€ per person excl. accommodation, 370€ per person in couple exclu. accommodation

Freedom to Love

La Chaumière Proche Tournus, France

Discover a unique journey to the heart of love, relationship and freedom!

Dark Eros

Domaine des Fougères Mirmande

Through this seminar, we will explore your shadows, your taboos, your fantasies, their resources and their dangers, whether it is an accepted space or far from its reality.

Parents-children course

La Chaumière Proche Tournus, France

A wonderful opportunity to harmonise and celebrate this bond.

290€/pers (parent-child) Excluding staying (about 150€)