A wonderful opportunity to create a better flow and celebrate this bond.
statue zen

Massage tao-tantra

An experience of harmoniously circulating the energy of life. This fluidity brings physical and emotional well-being.

tout feu tout coeur tango

All fire all heart

Intensive summer seminar to celebrate life with fire and hear.

Women courses

Stage femme eau

The Majestic Precious

Women’s course, in hot water in a magnificent setting in Italy in the Tuscan hills.

Tantra Femme

Women: Today I rise

A unique and initiatory course for women. “Today I rise,” I reveal my power while remaining open.

New generation courses 


Thirty-something course

A unique meeting to meet between thirty-somethings, and experience the questions related to this generation.

jeune adulte

Young adult

Meetings of young adults to restore the beauty of his age and his future perspective.

impulse festival

Impulse Festival

A 4-day festival to explore all levels of our being, body, heart, mind and soul.

The way of the heart cycle


The art of touch

cycle 1

Touch reveals our essence and allows us to reclaim our body, a source of creativity, pleasure and fulfillment.

l'art de la relation

The art of relationship

cycle 2

The relationship is a powerful revealer of ourselves that can exasperate us, but this wonderful laboratory enhances maturity and opens extraordinary consciousness.

Dark Eros

Dark Eros

cycle 3

Through this seminar, we will explore your shadows, your taboos, your fantasies, their resources, and their dangers, whether it is an accepted space or it is far from its reality.


Passion of being

cycle 4

Life is not elsewhere but moves through all our cells with its pulsating message, its vibration of love and the wisdom of its fluids.

Women Training
3 cycles


Becoming a Woman

cycle 1

From the little girl to the gendered woman, becoming a woman is a real path.

femmes-cycle 2

Embody your power as a Woman

cycle 2

Being rooted in her place while keeping an open heart is a real challenge for the 21st-century woman.


The wisdom of menopause

cycle 3

Menopause is a new period where the woman must find new fertility.