Parents-children course


Parental relationships are indestructible regardless of the type of bond we have created. They often confront us with a dual relationship of love and rejection where love is mixed with the form of the relationship. The gray areas of this relationship limit us in our expression. We often find in the parents a frustration of not having transmitted everything they wanted and in the children the difficulty to be free to love and to be oneself.

An opportunity to offer parents and children the place to express the beauty of this bond, a source of transmission, vulnerability, love, and power.

The hindsight of 20 years of animation and sharing on intimacy has allowed us to hear the difficulty of parents to transmit what they wish, to feel how becoming a parent had transformed their couple and their life as a man and wife for better and for worse. Thanks to the testimonies and our experience (Sexual Grounding Therapy, Reichian Therapy, Tantra) this proposal was born.


  • Take responsibility by being aware of your role.
  • Find your rightful place to gain dignity and relax in your future perspective
  • Support future generations to be on their way.
  • Feel the support of his ancestors.
  • Share with other parents


  • Testify and recognize what builds me.
  • Relieve me of what weighs me down.
  • Accept support.
  • Affirm my identity.
  • Find a new maturity in the relationship.

For fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons who wish to consolidate bonds giving them more density and lightness. To participate in the course you must be at least 18 years old and come with one of your parents or one of your children (father-daughter, father-son, mother-son, mother-daughter)

Upcoming parents-children courses:

Upcoming parents-children courses


Thank you dear Vasanti. Once again, I was impressed by your professionalism, your strength, your love and your experience. It was a very nice experience to share with my son, a real gift; we chatted all the way back, which was more than in the last year at least.

- Jean-Stephane

I arrived scared in my stomach, afraid of losing this precious bond with my daughter and I left with a full heart and an even stronger bond. Thank you, you took us to such a deep space with so much lightness and simplicity.

- Paul

It will be a bright and unforgettable memory; a moment of life, intensity, and truth. With friendship and gratitude.

- Nancy