The art of relationship

l'art de la relation

The couple relationship, whatever its form, is a powerful matrix that generates many projections where it is very easy to get lost by deviating from the original essence and from the true quality of the relationship.

Men and women desperately and illusorily seek in each other what they deny themselves.

The relationship is a powerful revealer of ourselves that can exasperate us, but this marvelous laboratory is a space of maturity and extraordinary consciousness.

Tantric practice brings couples back to a sacred and living dimension including sexuality in the relationship. The therapeutic tools we use allow us to decode the enigmas of the relationship that sometimes lead couples into unconscious sabotage.

This is why we have decided to dedicate a cycle to relationships because, as Christiane Singer says so well, about commitment:

"This brilliance, this clairvoyance which may have only lasted long enough to bat one's eyelashes, is nevertheless the only rock on which a life is built, and there is no fidelity except to this madness - because 'she alone is the (un) measure of love".

I, You, We, They are the milestones of the relationship. I am connected with me, I feel You, We share and We create an energy greater than us.

An invitation to:

  • Celebrate our differences in a creative way
  • Include sex, heart and mind in the relationship
  • Decoding the enigmas of the relationship that sometimes leads couples into magnificent sabotage
  • Let the body find its way to the heart
  • Let go of performance or routine.
  • Dare to meet from your vulnerability and its many facets in order to be fully yourself in the bond and allow yourself to abandon yourself without a mask
  • Introspect on questions such as: the form of relationship that suits me, awareness of my "attachment style", commitment and freedom? commitment, attaching yourself without tying yourself up?

Tantric practice allows you to feel with awareness what is happening and to remain fully present whatever the experience.

This seminar is part of the cycle of the way of the heart, but can be done individually after an interview.

Upcoming the art of relationship courses:

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Upcoming the art of relationship courses

There are no upcoming events at this time.

The way of the heart cycle


Deep, funny, rooted, transforming, human and hyper-pro. Infinite gratitude. What a journey…

- Natasha
art de la relation
art de la relation