The art of touch


Our first physical contact with the outside world is the skin, experiencing contact with accuracy and consent allows us to secrete this wonderful hormone of love and attachment that is oxytocin.

Touch reveals our essence, brings us from fear to love, and brings us into spaces of intimacy that allow us to reclaim our body, a source of creativity, pleasure, and fulfillment. Touch allows us to establish an authentic relationship. An embodied touch allows us to simply be.

Learn to be touched by yourself and life before touching the other. A complete art and a beautiful exercise in self-esteem and wonder.

Then touch to savor his freedom of being.

Know what you want and learn how to communicate it. How do I give and how do I receive?

We will therefore begin this journey with our relationship to our body, our Self-esteem, and our way of communicating about what we want to give and receive. An approach that calls on attitude more than technique, which we can then express in everyday life.

The world treats us the same way we treat ourselves. The lack of true love is the basis of a multitude of disorders, imbalances, and compensations.

An opportunity to fully reconcile with Self.

Upcoming the art of touch courses:

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Upcoming the art of touch courses

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The way of the heart cycle


art du toucher
art du toucher
art du toucher