Thirty-something course



Between the responsibility of adult life and the hints of teenage life? An increasingly assertive lifestyle, and perhaps a fear of commitment. A balance to be found between passion, autonomy, and responsibility. To feel like the "Actor" of tomorrow? The thirties are a period of life rich in potential energy and paradoxes.

An appointment at the heart of sensations using different modes of expression: contacts, movements, sounds, breathing, role-playing in respect, listening, and sharing intertwined with dances, laughter, creativity, and rites of passage.

For 4 days we invite you to meet between thirty-somethings to experiment and open up to questions related to your age group. Commitment, paternity, my place, my intimacy, my identity, gender, polyamory etc.

No truth will be imposed, but the proposed spaces will invite you to be alive and let emerge what is right for you, in order to feel what resonates in you.

A journey exploring being as a whole. The spontaneity of the group alchemy will also leave us carried by what will emerge from the group dynamics

Open to everyone, whether you are alone or in a couple, whatever your sexual orientation.

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Upcoming thirty-something courses

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Thank you 1000 times Vasanti for your availability, your generosity, your contagious energy, your beauty, and your strength. Confronting, funny, free, and structured, I love your music!!! It’s good to feel safe to explore your privacy.

- Marie

I feel like I got a makeover this weekend. I found the motivation and the courage to really embark on a professional project.

- Maude

How good it is to know that it is possible, that there are inspiring humans… Vasanti you inspire me, and you still make me believe in humanity, and in our time it is so precious…

- Antoine