Impulse Festival

Art of being alive

Let’s celebrate the Art of Being Alive, experiencing the Force of our vital energy, by getting together to SHARE, EXPLORE, DANCE, CREATE… 4 days of celebration We have created a unique event for the 18-35 y/o generation, to explore through ARTS, WORKSHOPS, GATHERINGS and RITUALS what it means to feel fully alive in our most powerful expression.


Château Anand lays on the banks of the river Anglin in the center of France, a peaceful and protected land surrounded by overwhelming scenery.Offering a nutritive plant-based diet to support our bodies with energy and lightness. Caring for our intimate self with comforting food made with love Prices are per person, inclusive of ticket entrance, access to all workshops, all meals and accommodation. There will be no trade on the festival, you will have FREE access to everything.

The program

Our international trainers will hold daily 8 different two-hour workshops with different levels of intimacy and depth: 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, running simultaneously, so you will have a wide variety to choose from. They will take place at our 4 different spaces: Impulse Heart, 2 large indoor rooms, creative space, chill out Most workshops will offer a space where body, heart and mind will be integrated..

This projet is the mirror of the flame I see in this generation. Working for over 15 years with the young generation has allowed me to identify its need for transformation and to understand its challenges. We will create an outstanding playground. We hold the contour of celebration and instropection.A gathering created with love, with talented and dedicated artists and facilitator. “What could be more nourishing than supporting a curious new generation, to be aware and innocent to be alive?”

A trainer, and a Coach in relational development, and organizational consultant. He is the founder of the IVOLVE training organization. Driven by his passion for human people and shamanism, he explores links between traditional healing and occidental therapies He experienced Burning Man he’s part of the core team of a camp in the Nowhere Burn in Spain. He brings the Burn identity to the Impulse festival.
Emmanuel Levard

be a part of something great