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dark eros

Conscious and sacred sexuality is an exceptional energy door that opens to other spaces of encounters with oneself, with the others, and with the Universe. Tantra is a path that takes into account the human experience as a whole. The adventure of consciousness in the body. The Tantric path is a non-dual path that encompasses everything. Yet there is a black box containing a lot of repressed and confused energy. The forbidden and transgression are coveted spaces in sexuality and, depending on the level of "disobedience", they are fraught with guilt and shame. From pleasure to erotic games to perversion where is the border? When the wound is not treated, the search for pleasure can become deviance, when sexual and emotional maturity is not there, addiction can set in and its own limits are more difficult to set.

Eroticizing the forbidden can bring the erotic and electric charge necessary to have an orgasmic discharge. The difficulty could be to feel prisoner of this dynamic and to deny it would mean stifling a part of our energy. The Tantric path does not exclude anything, it breaks taboos and allows us to touch our belief systems and our rigidities. By releasing repressed energy we recover incredible energy.

Through this course we will:

  • Explore taboos, fantasies, their resources, and their dangers.
  • Include the physical (biological), emotional and spiritual levels in intimacy.
  • Bring some keys to find more clarity on sexuality and particularly orgasm
  • Explore the main gray areas of life.

An evolving encounter around the theme of pleasure, its resources, its dynamics, its pitfalls, its transcendence, in order to help awaken our ecstatic potential, to combine love, sensuality, and spirituality, and to honor the body as than decision-maker.

This seminar is part of the cycle of the way of the heart but can be done individually after an interview.

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Upcoming dark eros courses

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