Tantra women «today I rise»

A unique and initiatory course for women. "Today I rise," I reveal my power while remaining receptive and open.

A nod to the magnificent film by Alexandra Feldner inspired by Maya Angelou's poem: "Today I rise"

A specific course for women. Unique; initiatory!
The real challenge for the woman of the 21st century is to reveal her power while remaining welcoming, in touch with her feelings, and in an intimate relationship with her heart and her uterus.

The transformative power of Women's meetings is well established. Together, women reveal themselves. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is vibrant, close to herself, without reserve, in tune with her paradoxes and her perfect imperfection.

"Our life as a woman is a succession of cycles and we have a lot to learn from each other."

Today I wake up. I walk boldly, with my paradoxes, I am a woman, wild, serene, mother, child, kali, atheist, I become who I am.

An invitation to open up to being a rooted woman, responsible for her limits, supported by her own lineage, rediscovering the deep sense of her dignity and beauty, honoring man and his complementarity.


  • Explore the different archetypes of women, and meet the wild woman who knows what's right for her
  • Become aware of your creative and magnetic power
  • Celebrate your body
  • Go towards more pleasure, desire, and love for oneself and for others
  • Pacify your relationship with the masculine within and outside of yourself
  • Fluidify the relationship between his heart and his sex, so that the sacred fire of the heart spreads, energizes, and radiates joy
  • Become aware of your Women's cycles and their richness
  • Connect with the sacred space of her womb.

In a welcoming sisterhood, benevolent, stimulating and respectful of the nature of each, in a confidential framework of non-judgment and heart.

An appointment at the heart of sensations using different modes of expression: contacts, movements, sounds, breaths, massages, sharing, meditations, rituals, celebrations...

From Thursday April 27 at 2:30 PM
to Sunday April 30, 2023 16H00

450 €/ personne
390 euros/pers si vous validez vos arrhes avant le 10 /03/ 2022 

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stage parents-enfants
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