Becoming a women – cycle 1

From the little girl to the gendered woman, becoming a woman is a real path.

Cycle 1 – Becoming a Woman (4 to 24 years old)

We are going to revisit the slice of life that goes from 4 years old to 24 years old.

From the little girl to the gendered woman, becoming a woman is a real path.

The oedipal period and puberty have a significant impact on the emotional and sexual development of the woman in the making.

Competition, seduction, role reversal, control, overplaying the clichés of femininity, dependence on the outside gaze, search for the ideal parents through partners, need for security, need for people, rebellion, etc… are classic behaviors developed during these periods, and the identity that we will define during this period will often crystallize in adult life by depriving us of being a free Woman.

During this meeting we will give a fair mirror to this little girl, give her back her place and welcome the young woman in full transformation.


Nourished by different approaches (Tantra, Sexual Grounding Therapies, somatotherapy, following teaching of Babaji).

These meetings are bridges in tantra, therapeutic work and ancestral rituals.

By offering you a safe and professional space, supported with theories and precise structures in order to have a better understanding of the cycles of Women. By bringing mirrors just in order to nourish the pivotal periods of your life, to find its right place in order to that the flow of life circulates naturally. And find emotional and sexual maturity

Using body exercises, meditations, rituals, sharing, processes.

Open to women of all ages and backgrounds who wish to embrace the beauty of their power and co-creative power, nurtured by the wealth of each (minimum age 18)

These cycles cannot be followed separatelty, each cycle structures the next one

Intimate group of 12 women maximum in non-residential.

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