I feel like I got a makeover this weekend. I found the motivation and the courage to really embark on a professional project. My heart overflows with gratitude for all of you. The harvest of the internship is for me beyond anything I could have imagined. The craziest thing is the new feeling of having integrated the energies that I found so beautiful and powerful in you. I feel my inner masculine straightened, more alive than ever, the reconnection to the wisdom of instinct, “the human-animal” to use the words of our dear guide. Wow…what a beauty, it is overwhelming for me to attend these outbreaks live, yours, mine. Witnessing this gives me immense faith in the ability of the collective to team up and heal each other, just by being together and welcoming bodily, and emotionally, the mirrors that are offered. I saw in you so much audacity, authenticity, beauty, gentleness, and attention to taking care of everyone. I also received a lot by observing Vasanti at work, the fire at the service of the heart, it was for me a great transmission inviting me to trust my instinct, to let my right authority work, connected to the heart, to the depth of being. Mother of Dragons, thank you for embodying this model of fire and gold leader. It allowed me to recognize my colors in you and let them express themselves more freely.