I discovered the TAO massage with Patrice about 9 years ago. The learning was progressive, fluid, and very educational even for a beginner. I discovered with this massage in consciousness, slow, soft, precise, and deep, a powerful tool for self-transformation. First on the physical level, because it combines deep and gentle work on the whole body, a precise approach to releasing blocked energy; it allowed me to feel how to reconnect my head to the pelvis and the heart. Once all the codified gestures were acquired, I felt freed from the desire to do well. I felt something magical to observe and to feel, under my hands, the transformation taking shape as my practice progressed. This year, I wanted to follow this TAO massage course again with Patrice, and this time as a couple! It was a wonderful opportunity to take time for ourselves, to nourish our intimacy and our relationship. Beyond the relaxation, the awakening of the senses, and the sexual energy or the feelings of pleasure, I found centering and real inner tranquility.