Vasanti what you propose is for me very structuring in particular by the fact of highlighting the specificity of our age group. This specificity is obvious now that the internship allowed me to hear and experience the words put on it. Putting words sets a frame. I hear in a new way the words: choice, commitment, family, creation, procreation… I had not seen that all of this is present at the same time for our age group and I had not made my relation to each area in the way you proposed it to us: my body spoke to me, it’s crazy what it says that I don’t know in advance, this internship is therefore a very structuring meeting for me. Federator. A bright beacon. An essential landmark in my night as a standing woman. Going through the body and dance-oriented through the exercises offered, I became aware of parts of me that were ignored, forgotten, or lost. I feel gathered, more whole, and aware. I particularly appreciate the rhythm of the course: the alternation of the place of the body and the place of the sharing of words, well framed. Everything is at the same time very empowering in the details. I am overflowing with gratitude. Meeting through this framework is very strong for me: it’s as if in a tribe we had just gone through together the ritual specific to our age group: a kind of “trial by fire” and we were there all, together, and at the same time alone with the solitude of its perceptions and its history. Thanks to the group led by Vasanti’s ship, we arrived at the quay, transformed in our flesh, with both feet more anchored in ourselves and on the ground. Thanks, thanks, thanks