In the aftermath of this experience, my choices are made on my own. My choices are guided by something much more enlightened than myself! And I let it be. I have always had an insolent chance, but there this something more enlightened that is even more palpable and more present than usual. I realized how much the separation from my ex is undermining me. A year of yo-yo-ing between deep depression and excessive euphoria. It costs me a lot of energy, the abundance of life in which I swam with you. This flood of heat woke up things in me that were starting to fade. I don’t know exactly how to name them, but it happens in the stomach and lower abdomen, it burns! It fills me with strength and positive energy for myself and others. A vital need to go to the essential. Thank you Vasanti. Thank you for your dynamism, your bull force, your sensitivity, your childlike accuracy, your step back, and your very advanced vision, your loft transformed into a squat… Thank you for everything, thank you for being.