Thanks for these 4 extraordinary days during which I feel I have come so far that I have taken the measure of the one I still have to go. I never imagined that it was possible to experience such intense moments with strangers in such a short time. I never imagined that I would be so pushed to my limits, and even less than the door to my emotions would re-open so wide (which is not an easy task to manage). I never imagined that some of my fears could be so strong, nor that I could be able to forget myself like this. I never imagined that I had so left my body aside for the past 10 years and that it was only asking to express itself (notable fact, my way of standing has changed, my pelvis is now held differently, which removes a large number of tensions which were at the origin of almost daily headaches). Finally, and this is most important to me, I never imagined that I had all the resources within me to grow, to surpass myself, to be more myself, to live stronger, to be, everything simply. So thank you for all these discoveries, for this incredible know-how, for this ability to guide, for this benevolence for this immense and communicative force.