I want to take people in my arms and sing them ALLELUYA!!! but I hold back, it’s difficult! This morning I decided not to set an alarm clock and to spend some time for myself before going back to the muggles… I thought a lot about everything we did this weekend… I’m sad that these two days are already over but I look forward to continuing with this new experience in my luggage. Thank you for all these shares!
Kisses, see you soon!!! I don’t think there’s anything I didn’t like. First of all, all these extremely intense moments of sharing and contact during the structures. There were times, and people, with whom I really managed to enter a kind of trans, where my thoughts were lost leave all the room for my physical expression. There is a state of mind that I call “autopilot” I hate it but it often happens when your head is so full that you are not really aware of what you are doing. We act by mechanism without being really aware of it. Concentrating on physical energy by putting aside the mental was my pleasure of the weekend!