Thank you dear Vasanti. Once again, I was impressed by your professionalism, your strength, your love and your experience. It was a very nice experience to share with my son, a real gift; we chatted all the way back, which was more than in the last year at...


I arrived scared in my stomach, afraid of losing this precious bond with my daughter and I left with a full heart and an even stronger bond. Thank you, you took us to such a deep space with so much lightness and simplicity.


It will be a bright and unforgettable memory; a moment of life, intensity, and truth. With friendship and gratitude.


A huge thank you for these three days spent with my daughter, my heart is filled with happiness.


Throughout the weekend, I was able to feel your passion for the LINK as well as your love and your great respect for the human being. What a gift you give us all! What professionalism! THANK YOU! I myself was very touched by all the love, authenticity, courage and...