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jeune adulte

A pioneer in the animation of the Young Adult courses that we have been organizing for more than 15 years. In 2019 we organized an Impulse festival, our motivation is more and more embodied, and our confidence in the value and beauty of future generations is bigger.

This magical and inspiring encounter is a wonderful opportunity to get closer to your truth, find meaning and celebrate life. Your personality is built on a mishmash of prejudices, conditioning, and judgments which becomes more and more rigid during your life, this seminar is a beautiful gift to find your freedom of Being.

Living life as a young adult
it is both exhilarating and paralyzing. Between freedom and constraint, conformism or rebellion, hyperactivity, and numbness, what do I want? The heart awakens in all its forms and opens up new paths.
Everything is sincere, on edge, both the passion and the anxieties. Morale crisis? Identity? Authority? Or crisis of meaning? In a rapidly changing system, this meeting is a great opportunity to revalue its value to the detriment of hyperconsumption that no longer makes sense.

During this seminar, we will re-give space to the beauty of its age and its future perspective.

And to dare channel this extraordinary energy.

We will suggest you
colorful encounters, in the simplicity and of sharing in order to get to know you better, to meet the energy of the opposite sex and of your own polarity. To reconnect with your true source of creativity, your vital energy.

A bridge between therapeutic work, ancestral rituals, and tantra.

By alternating very precise structures and what will emerge from the alchemy of the group.
Through communication exercises, rites of passage, sharing, dance, etc.
A great human adventure for more maturity and freedom.

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Upcoming young adult courses

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Thank you for this beautiful meeting of young adults, meeting first with myself, my body, my emotions, my femininity, the little girl that I was, my fragility, and my strength! I discovered there an unsuspected energy, a crazy freedom, an intense joy, and love; how good it is to dance, to simply be yourself, to be alive! Thank you for this meeting also with all this beautiful family of brothers and sisters of heart, thank you to the men and all the strength they transmitted to us, and thank you to the women for their complicity, their sweetness, and their protection, what a beautiful moment of sharing! Thank you for having accompanied us with so much energy and love in this encounter with oneself, the other, and life, what a beautiful gift!

- Amélie

I thank you for the discovery and the care with which the parent-child course was animated, from all points of view.

- Nicole

First of all, a huge thank you for helping me grow once again! This internship was for me an inner exploration. Exploration that brought me to a feeling of deep completeness, in the joy of being oneself. I discovered my deep and sensitive simple femininity, and as this experience is indescribable I would just say: wow!!! This work also made me touch resistances, and buried wounds and put me on the path to healing. This is a great transformation opportunity for me. Back in my daily life, I feel changed, calmed, and overflowing with love for those around me.

- Anonyme
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